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 Organizational Structure

The Group embraces several cold rolling production lines, including 31 sets of cold rolling units which are available for production of strip steel of all specifications such as 180—750mm in width, 0.17—1.5mm in thickness and 1.5—8T in coil weight. One 450mm reversible cold rolling unit, six 500mm reversible cold rolling units, two 650mm reversible cold rolling units, eight 350mm cold rolling units, six 450mm cold rolling units, two 500mm cold rolling units, four 650mm cold rolling units and two 850mm cold rolling units, all these devices can produce strip steel more than 1,500,000 tons annually. Both quality assurance of welded pipe and strip steel products and local environmental contamination are effectively controlled.

Cold-rolled strip steel: Master used to do deep drawing board, pipe, appliances plate, enamel substrate, bustling, galvanized substrates,and so on.